Julien and Martin created Diatly,
formerly The French Talents, in 2012.

They had worked together previously in 2006 creating a sales site and then a specialised marketplace to promote French brands.

Julien Platel graduated from Centrale Lyon and started his career at Aubat in the Software Engineering and Maintenance sector before joining Masai consultants (now Ayming) as a cost-reduction specialist. He met Martin whilst working there. Julien also co-founded BP2R, an expert consultancy for optimising transport costs, which he left to create Diatly.

With qualifications from EHL and INSEAD, Martin Gentil started his career in the humanitarian sector in Africa, where he set-up a hotel industry training centre for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, in partnerhip with the charity Terre des Hommes. Martin then worked in the air restauration industry with Gate Gourmet in France and Switzerland. Martin met Julien at Masai consultancy before striking out in e-commerce and then creating Diatly.

Marketplaces are profoundly transforming the e-commerce landscape, on a long-term basis.

With an annual growth in excess of 30%, marketplaces are a powerful growth tool for brands who can no longer overlook this distribution method.

However, the reality on the ground is somewhat complex.

Each marketplace is different, both in how it works as well as the technical infrastructure or data (offers, products, promotions, photos etc.)
The existing technical solutions for marketplace growth are expensive and complex and they require considerable work with settings, maintenance and management. For certain brands, the actual profitability of a marketplace product could be jeopadized.
The “Diatly” platform was created to combat these issues.

Diatly is the
turnkey platform

It brings together brands of all sizes and marketplaces, connects them and manages their sales activites in a cost-effective way and without the need for technical expertise.

In 5 years, the company has established a portfolio of more than 350 brands and works with around sixty marketplaces in Europe.
Diatly is a team of 40 people who have unique expertise in the world of marketplaces.