What are the steps for successful marketplace growth via the Diatly platform?


Create a universal catalogue of products compatible with all marketplaces

The brand creates its catalogue in their Diatly interface and is able to easily enrich it with additional product data using our Product Information Management tool. That catalogue is then showcased when marketplaces search for new brands using key words and filters.


Search and be searched in one click

Launching a sale between a brand and marketplace is a simplified process with the Diatly platform. Each player can accept or refuse requests for distribution.


Brands and marketplaces
want to collaborate

Our platform gives brands a way to quickly develop business relationships with the marketplaces of their choice due to vastly simplified contractual setups. Diatly has a mutal contract with more than sixty marketplaces.


Preparing a universal catalogue specific to marketplaces and distributing products

Using the universal catalogue, our technology and our operational teams will format your data according to the technical requirements of the target marketplace:

Transforming and adapting the data for each marketplace

Managing mappings per marketplace


Maintaining and distributing products on the marketplaces

All marketplaces’ requirement specifications evolve over the months. Diatly logs and processes any possible publication errors, manages new settings and oversees feeds daily, to ensure a high rate of product publication.

Using Diatly means the brand can also…

Centralise stocks and orders
have access to a professional and multilingual customer service, if requested
Benefit from a monthly financial consolidation of all marketplace sales, if requested
Use our sales management tool to schedule discounts and promotions
Have access to a B2C logistics depot, if requested