Around sixty marketplaces make up Diatly’s network of partners.

The Diatly platform works with marketplaces that:

  • Generate a sizeable sales revenue and have a significant numer of unique visitors per month
  • Are looking for a variety of quality European brands
  • Want to increase their product offer and optimise their conversion rate

Here they talk about their experience

« We have partnered with Diatly for a while and today we distribute more than 220 brands via the platform. The services on offer (selectivity of brands, importing catalgue products, delivery tracking, simplified billing etc.) means we can free-up our time and energy to promote the brands (lookbooks, site homepage, qualitative newsletter, themed boutiques etc.) This is something the brands really appreciate.
The Diatly platform offers brands quick online visibility with a large, effective distribution network and guarantees coherence between image and distribution. The costs are fair, which is an important final consideration.
If I had a brand and I wanted to grow on the marketplace tomorrow, I wouldn’t hesitate!»

— Stéphane Malherbe
Purchasing Manager
Brandalley & Le Lab

« The Daitly platform is a quick, effective tool for brands who want to grow on the marketplace and who do not have the knowledge and internal resources to manage the B2C aspect required, e.g. technical integration, creating product sheets, billing the end client, managing logistics and customer relations. »

— Julien Pons
Head of Business Development
La Redoute

« We started working with Diatly because we wanted to broaden our range with a partner who shared our values (innovative, intelligent, responsible products). That is exactly what we found with the selectivity of their brands and the simple set-up involved. The Diatly platform means direct access to a community of brands, where we quickly discover unique products and reference them with ease. »

— Charles Baptiste
Head of Marketplace Partnerships
Nature et Découvertes

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