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CHPO Brand is growing with Diatly’s support

Speed up prospecting, discover new marketplaces and contact them with one click.

Send out your product catalogue to all the marketplaces connected to our plaform and get a guaranteed response.

Benefit from having a single contract across all marketplaces

Diatly has a shared contract with more than forty marketplaces, releasing you from financial and administrative contraints.

M. Moustache manages all marketplaces on Diatly
Pied de Biche has significantly increaed their sales using Diatly

Boost your sales by focusing on promotional opportunities

Diatly structures, publishes, and manages all of your data (mandatory attributes, photos, descriptions, product titles, translations etc.) to make it compatible with each of the marketplaces’ specifications and so that you can concentrate on your sales.

Reduce costs

Marketplace management consumes a lot of time. By centralising these using one tool, the Diatly platform can considerably reduce the costs incurred by this development channel.

Kok Maison has saved impressive sums by using Diatly
The future looks sweet for Faguo using Diatly.

Why are we so successful? ?

Not only can your brand sell more quickly and easily on marketplaces, but it will also cost you 3 to 6 times less than the market average, considerably increasing your chances of making our solution a powerful driver for cost-effective long-term growth.